The primary objective of the Seattle-Bremerton Passenger Only Fast Ferry Study is to develop the scientific basis to identify and minimize the potential impacts of candidate POFF vessels on the shorelines along the ferry route.  This includes the collection of data and development of predictive tools that can be applied prior to implementing operations, in order to identify the POFF operations which will have the least impact on Rich Passage shorelines.† A test vessel, Rich Passage 1, has been developed using predictive models.† Initial wake testing in the fall of 2011 show that the vessel has met specified wake criterion to minimize potential impacts at the shoreline.


In 2012 Rich Passage 1 will operate on a trial basis with service between Bremerton and Seattle twice each morning and afternoon.† During this trial period intensive field data collection will be conducted along the shorelines of Rich Passage.

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Phase 2 Reports - Released August 2007

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